We live in some hard financial times for a lot of families, and it can be understandable that when making electrical repairs or putting in electrical for a new home, that you may want to try to spend less money by hiring an unlicensed electrician who may quote you MUCH less. I would caution you to make this mistake, here is why you should hire a licensed professional electrician:

Professional Education, Training, and Experience

Licensed electricians go through extensive training and rigorous testing to become certified with the state. Just like you would expect a medical professional to have extensive medical training and know the latest medical procedures and protocols, you should expect the person providing you electrical services to have be highly trained and knowledgeable – all of which is requirement of a licensed electrician. Because codes and regulations change over the years, a licensed electrician requires continued education – keeping them up to date. This assures high quality work that meets the most up to date standard and needs.


Licensed electricians priority is the safety of you and your home. They are not going to provide half quality or makeshift work that could end in electrical fires, injury and death. A licensed electrician is bound by proper safety protocols and will follow them from beginning to end. Don’t entrust the safety of your business, home, or family to someone who is unlicensed – the potential for deadly safety hazards is not worth any money that might be saved up front. Ensure peace of mind, by hiring a licensed electrician whose going to put your safety first.

Quality Work Done Right and Saves You Money

A licensed electrician will do the work correctly the first time while unlicensed electricians with less field experience and lacking knowledge of the correct codes and regulations will often do the work for less money up front but costing you in repairs and maintenance. This is often brought to light in inspections, when the work of an unlicensed electrician has to be redone because the inspection didn’t pass. Skip having to pay the same work twice, buy hiring a licensed electrician who will get it done right the first time.


When you hire a licensed electrician they are responsible for property damage and any personal injuries due to negligence. Unlicensed electricians are likely uninsured, and cases of property damage and injuries due to faulty wiring or negligence falls to you the home or business owner – which means repairs and medical bills are on your dime. When your dealing with something as dangerous and essential as electricity – why risk it?

A licensed electrician is going to provide you with the quality, experience, and safety that you should be given. It may feel like hiring an unlicensed electrician saves you money, but if it potentially results in injury, damage, and repair costs – is it really worth it? Hire a licensed electrician.