N1 Electric Projects

My 15 years of experience includes over 10,000 multi-family units, student housing apartments and senior living units as well as several custom homes. I have done over 200,000 feet of underground work, fire alarm systems, various types of low volt systems, generator installations, service gears, trouble shooting and all types of basic electrical work. I offer good quality work and want to create a great relationship that will focus in your needs.


Raul Ibarra


Honors college 






Student Housing

6 story building 
Fire Alarm system 
General contractor Okland Construction


Ruiz Residence







Custom Home

7,000 sqf


Martinez residence






1,700 sqf home


Homes direct ADOT Job








Subcontracted by ADOT to do Homes direct

Underground work installation of heavy duty disconnects for mobile homes.


Crane Building








Commercial Metal building/ residential home

Work shop and residential home

400amp panel

3000 sqf


Bracket building






Commercial metal building

Commercial offices and machine shop.

4000 sqf

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